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​Caitac USA Corp. Properties:

PAS-Northview-Alpine-FIN 10w.jpg

Larrabee Springs

700 Northview St

Bellingham, WA

T. 360-295-9276

Newport Apartments Residential Apartments

3180 Adams Avenue, Bellingham, WA

T. 360-738-6800

Pacific Meridian Plaza Office Space

4164 Meridian St, Bellingham, WA

T. 360-738-6800

Holiday Inn Express

4160 Meridian St, Bellingham

T. 360-671-4800

North Bellingham

Golf Course

205 West Smith Road, Bellingham

T. 360-398-8300

City Gym

4152 Meridian St. #219, Bellingham

T. 360-647-1511

Stuart Road

Commercial Warehouse/Office

454/460 Stuart Road

T. 360-738-6800

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